Tuesday, November 14, 2006

some things that have been happening in the last few days

None of which a worthy of their own blog.

1) Saw Muse at MEN Arena. And very good they were too I would say. 8/10 good. I was going to do a review, but then realised that there was nothing to really say about it. It was just good, solid gig fun.

2) I pre-ordered one of these Wii videogame console things. Should be fun.

3) Random purchase from ebay:

A hipflask. Feel free to inform me on whether this is awesome or really quite sad.

4) In our thursday lecture there was a competition for everybody to pair off and try and guess where a branch of WH Smiths located in the West Midlands, based on the reams of data they provided. And me and Jenny won, being the only ones to guess the correct answer: Cannock. Couple this with the fact that I often feel like a filthy underachiever on my course, and I was pretty chuffed to be honest.

5) You might recall that I should right now be coming towards the end of a work slog to complete a 1st draft of the proposal for my final project? Well it's getting there, slowly. Here's hoping it's half decent by tomorrow evening, when I have to email it tutor-wards. The speccy faced git.

And that was some things that have been happening in the last few days.

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Lucy I said...

mark, is that a dunlop hip flask... odd.