Monday, February 14, 2011

Brighton Rock: assumed film review

Can I review a film, based on watching just the last 20 minutes?

So I saw the trailer for Brighton Rock a week ago. Looked enjoyable. Action packed, I would say. Perhaps even over-packed. Were any plot details left out?

Then yesterday, I read a review that mentioned that the climactic scene of the film is on a clifftop. Hang on! I thought. That trailer spends its last 20 seconds having emotional confrontations on clifftops!

Happy that the film promoters had already provided me with a handy two minute recap of 120 minutes of cinema, I returned to the cinema last night, when there was only 20 minutes left of the film.

And it was a very enjoyable 20 minutes, thank you. It tied up that nasty cliffhanger the trailer left me on, and I saved two hours of my life. Which I opted to spend in the pub. RESULT.

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