Thursday, April 14, 2011

i'm backpacking again.

Oh hello. I'm back traveling again. Which is nice. In the interests of brevity though, I'll only be posting to this blog if I have any stories worth telling.

For regular updates and silliness, follow me at This is better than me flooding blogspot/facebook every time I'm feeling narcissistic.

If you're not on Twitter, you can just create an account, tell them your phone number, and then choose to have my tweets sent via SMS to you for free, should you wish. Technology!

Semi-interesting stories will be posted at the excellent audioblog service ipadio. There's a semi-interesting one there now about hiking in Yosemite National Park. It's semi-great!

The occasion photo will end up on flickr, and maybe the odd video on youtube.

If you like writing and countries, you can read what I typed about countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Japan by clicking here and scrolling past the silly long Glastonbury post.


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