Tuesday, January 25, 2011

glastonbury 2010: a twitter memorial

I've just been sorting through some old tweets, and ended up reading through my timeline from when I was at Glastonbury 2010. Thought I'd post the collection up here.

Just finished washing last years Glastonbury mud off walking boots, ready for this years Glastonbury mud.
19 Jun

Here's a fun fact: I'll be part of the team tweeting on the Guardian's website as part of their Glasto coverage. Expect MUSIC OPINIONS.

Got into west carpark at 6am after 45mins crawling towards the site. Not bad. Now in W36 car park queuing for gates to open.

Last game I saw at was when they went out on penalties against Portugal in '04. Similarly electric atmosphere here today

Suddenly I'm sat 60 meters from Prince Charles, standing on the Pyramid stage. Surprising.
Detroit Social Club and Courteeners have put in decent sets so far. Hoping for big things from Bonobo
25 Jun

Best t-shirt slogan seen: 'GIVE WAR A CHANCE'
Bonobo: ace. Current rumour is that tonight's secret set at The Park is Thom Yorke.

LATEST: Guy spotted on his friend's shoulders, eating a fry-up. The Big Pink's set, Park Stage.

All pretty exciting up at the Park stage. Half the crowd think its The Strokes, half think its Thom Yorke...

A 'well lubricated' Jamie from the Klaxons has left however, having been more interested in seeing The Big Pink.
25 Jun

It's Thom Yorke! And Jonny Greenwood?

Oh my days. Thom Yorke. Jonny Greenwood. Radiohead classics. Incredible. is ruined

Last minute change of mind. Gorillaz too packed. Groove Armada instead. Have you heard their latest album? It's phenomenal

Risk of seeing Groove Armada completely vindicated. They and the crowd were as one, and we left dripping with sweat.

A raucous late night DJ set from Chase & Status in Shangra-la just about makes up for not being able to see their live set earlier

Here be my Friday Top 5: 1. Thom Yorke & Johnny Greenwood 2. Groove Armada 3. Bonobo 4. Local Natives 5. Chase & Status (dj set)

I wish I had found the time to make my HELLO STEVIE WONDER flag.

It was going to be that or FLAG FOR SALE. ONE PREVIOUS OWNER.

Peter Hook talks Hacienda in the Park. "stock-take tip: if you manage a bar, it doesn't mean letting the staff take the stock."

Peter Hook talks Hacienda in the Park. "...I don't know if you've ever tried to reason with a gangster on crack carrying an uzi"

Not fussed by this footy tournament going on, but is anywhere here showing the Doctor Who finale?

Was expecting a bigger crowd for The National. Thought word had really got out about them in the last couple of months.

Overheard: 'picking your favourite National song is like picking your favourite sexual position'

If The National are any later coming on stage I can kiss goodbye to seeing Biffy Clyro for sure

We live in a world that is still only beginning to wake up to what a special band The National are.

Despite running from the Other Stage, can't even get where i can see Biffy Clyro's set at the Park.

"You are fully aware that Shakira is currently on the main stage, right?" - Ryan Jarman, The Cribs.
26 Jun

So how's the TV coverage of going so far? Has Jo Whiley been nice to a band she secretly hates yet? Perhaps @ can advise.

Have they begun EVERY SINGLE SHOW discussing the weather? Has @ said the Pyramid crowd is the biggest he's seen? @
26 Jun

Monochrome is the last theme I ever expected for a Scissor Sisters set.
This backing singer has got a little over confident. #ohitskylie

Excitement in Muse crowd is off the chart. Wish I'd been able to see Laura Marling though.

Speechless due to fatal attack of Muse. Normal service will be resumed shortly.
27 Jun

I would have been tweeting throughout, but it was JUST TOO GOOD.
27 Jun
And having been previously cynical, what a wonderful choice of collaboration track Streets Have No Name was.
A Four Tet DJ set seems like a good way to loosen up after such a night.

Oh Four Tet, you were very wonderful

Saturday Top 5: 1) Muse 2) The National 3) Four Tet (dj set) 4) Peter Hook (in conversation) 5) Silver Columns
27 Jun
All I want is a curry before noon, but YOU'RE ALL only selling bacon butties
27 Jun
Haven't heard any celebrity death rumours yet. Cliff Richard has usually corked it by this point
Twitter! Help me start the rumour that Robert Kilroy-Silk has died!
Oh em gee! Just heard Robert Kilroy-Silk has died! Run over by a shopping trolley apparently!
27 Jun

I'm not sure the guy with the DROP BEATS NOT BOMBS t-shirt has considered the real world practicalites of such a foreign policy.
27 Jun

Walking across site. Surprising numbers avoiding game. Temper Trap and Jaguar Skills playing to good crowds.
27 Jun

Meanwhile Broadcast 2000 on BBC Introducing stage are playing the football commentary in between their songs!
Alex Metric felt lacklustre, so have come to Cabaret tent to see Shappi Khorsandi tell jokes instead.
"I read this wonderful piece in the paper - no sorry - the Metro, yesterday" Shappi Khorsandi, Cabaret tent.
I Am Kloot are making some beautiful noises in the Queen's Head right about now. The new songs are a revelation

I Am Kloot were wonderful. They'll be the set everybody talks about on the Other Stage at 2011, that's my prediction.

Seeing LCD Soundsystem twice already this summer, so am at Faithless instead. Want to hear Insomnia live again
27 Jun

Faithless: only just not as good as Scissor Sisters last night. Imagine they've won a lot of fans back.

Fair to say the majority of the audience are at Faithless just for the hits. New stuff is winning them over though.

Just saw four policeman on horseback each wearing Village People headwear. They were probably cheered louder than Gorillaz on friday
27 Jun

Orbital release thousands of glow sticks into the crowd! Via strategically placed friends in the crowd!
Orbital Doctor Who end set madness!
27 Jun
We made a dash for Four Tet's set after Orbital. Never a decision one is going to regret.
27 Jun

Four Tet was as beautiful as one could wish for. Now rushing to The Park because have heard a Chemical Brothers DJ set rumour.

Made in to a gay club in Block 9 where you pay £2 or just flash your penis for free entry
28 Jun

We obviously took the latter option.
28 Jun

Now at Arcadia. Haven't experienced an insaner club night than this set up. And it only lasts 3 days a year.

No queues to get out the car park! Woo! I don't think I've ever had happier news. Thank you , and happy birthday.

Top 5 of Sunday: 1) Orbital 2) I Am Kloot 3) Four Tet 4) Shappi Khorsandi (Cabaret tent) 5) Faithless

Top 5 of : 1) Thom Yorke & Johnny Greenwood 2) Muse 3) Groove Armada 4) The National 5) Orbital

Reading my tweets I was too drunk to remember on the Guardian's site. An odd feeling, one I imagine few people can ever have
28 Jun

In 2011 I'll be at Glastonbury again, as well as Coachella. Expect more livetweeting then.

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