Sunday, July 30, 2006

The new city, the new flat and the all-new job struggle

Day 30 over here, and I'm relatively settled down in Dublin.

Got here okay and without a hitch. Settled back into life in 10 bed dorms pretty quickly too. It was good to be back in that environment. It's fun. It's very much an International vibe, I've got chatting in the room this week to Germans, Italians, Swiss, Spanish, Canadians, Americans, Scottish, Welsh, Russians, Irish and countless French people. (French students dominate for some dull reason.)

Haven't really done much touristy stuff, bar walking about the city. Which is enough right? But on Canadian recommendation I did do the Guinness Storehouse, which was well worth the (student) entry fee. It's known as the most popular tourist attraction in the city, and after getting over the odd cringe at how advertisingy the whole thing felt, it's good fun, they've got a lot of interesting 'shizzle' in there. And the views of the city you get in the Gravity Bar at the end of the whole thing makes for one of the best bars on the planet probably.

What else? Oh yes, bars are much better here too. Forgetting for the moment that like everything else in this country they're more expensive, the fact that there's no smoking in them makes up for it. To come home without your clothes smelling of smoke was surreal at first.

So I've been trying to find bar work. No luck yet. One manager in the overly popular Temple Bar area said that he was getting 10 people a day in asking him.

Outside of such places I've come close on a couple of times, have heard positive things from a couple of people, blah blah blah. Two bars said they would've taken me on if my stay in the city wasn't so brief (fair enough, there's less than 7 weeks left now), so in response I've edited my CV to hide any references to my ongoing degree (I'm now a graduate, woo!), or intentions of returning to Blighty. A worthwhile sacrifice of ethics, no?

I'll see how much success that change of tack has over the next couple of days. In the meantime, I've successfully managed to find a flat! It's a student halls set-up, running until September 1st when we have to make way for them all to come back again. It's the same kind of set up as Oxford Court (for those of you who were familiar with that. For those not, 4 single rooms in a flat, sharing a kitchen and living room, all already fully furnished) but a bit bigger, a bit nicer and pretty much the same price. Which for Dublin is very good. Moved in this afternoon, and my one flatmate (the two other rooms remain empty for the mo), James from Limerick seems really sound, and I reckon we're going to get on well.

And that's pretty much everything. Not really the most entertaining of blogs to date I admit.

Peace and love,

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