Sunday, July 02, 2006

The england defeat, the flat hunting and the sacking

Day 12 then, and there's a lot to talk of...

How was England V Portugal for everybody else? I watched it with my workmates in the pub where we all work. It was tense stuff, not quite as tense as seeing the same fixture (and result) two years ago at Glastonbury, but certainly close.

As is traditional with England's tournament exits, I was upset for 5 minutes and then got over it.

I've been getting on well with the guy in the room next to me (in the hostel) of late, and he's looking to get a flat as well, so we've been doing some flat hunting over the last 3 or 4 days. It shouldn't be too hard, there's loads of empty places about, so we should have somewhere within a week I reckon.

Which brings me to the final bit of news: I got sacked last night!

Well, not exactly sacked, but after the week's probationary (is that the right word?) period finished last night, my boss told me they weren't going to keep me on.

He was very frank as to the reasons why, and to be honest he's absolutely right. It's a really really particular work place, and everything has to be done exactly as the book says. Coming from Rescue Rooms, that was a bit of a culture shock, and I wasn't doing all I should of been. Add to that the fact that we turn people away most days who are asking if we've got jobs going, and you can see why I wasn't kept on really.

The couple of member's of staff who know already are pretty taken aback, and one, Dale (having a wealth of contacts as he does), has told me a couple of places who are looking for people at the mo, so with any luck I'll be back in work fairly shortly.Still, this is the first time I've ever been laid off from a job. It's very disconcerting!

Love to all,

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