Friday, December 07, 2007

simon's job interview calamity

So dear friend Simon emailed me with the story of a job interview he'd just been to. We both then agreed that it would make an AWESOME blog post. And so here it is:

went for a job interview the other day, walk to reception they take a picture of me and put it into an open plastic wallet to pin to my suit for ID purposes, bit nervous i pin it on, go to the toilet whilst someone is coming for me from upstairs. go to toilet to have a quick piss and make sure im looking good. have a piss bit yellow, look in the mirror lookin good paronoid about possible piss stain in my suit which i happily avoided, i bend over to flush the toilet.

before i reach the handle to flush i realise i have not properly secured my plastic open wallet to my suit because it is filling up with piss at the bottom of the toilet.

i pick it out straight away think ill get another one, but then think right im on my own i cannot describe what i have done to anyone, start taking the paper of my name and face out of it which luckily still is half dry . i turn upside down the plastic wallet to return the piss back to the toilet. i try to dry all the piss but it is difficult to get out of all the corners, so remembering someone is on there way i put my damp ID on and leave the toilet. at the end of the interview i had to give the damp ID back felt a bit bad.

got a call today that i didnt get the job, which was a bit disappointing


Notts Weekender said...


now that's embarrassing. I once got stuck in a toilet in Oxford which didn't have any toilet paper, right before a meeting so you have my sympathy - I knew I wasn't going to be shaking anyone's hand for a while so I had to miss that appointment.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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