Friday, August 31, 2007

5 things i hate about asda

1. Rubbish products. It's all very well battling to have the lowest prices in town, but if those low-priced products are awful quality, I don't care. And it happens too often in Asda's case: Jam Doughnuts with the tiniest amount of jam in their centre, fruit loafs with about 7 sultanas spread miserly throughout, trainers which you only discover two days later are cripplingly uncomfortable...

2. Reducing Choice. In the never-ending rush to sell as many different ranges of products as possible, they save space by reducing - say - how many different sizes of baked beans cans they sell. Sometimes this is okay. But sometimes it is bloody annoying. When I pop in to buy some deodorant, I want to have the choice between the big 250ml can and the smaller 150ml one, not be forced to buy the 150ml one, that you are then going to charge me over the odds for, thanks.

3. The new food labelling guidelines. Now, I was upset when Tesco ignored the Government's wishes to introduce the new traffic light system for food, in favour of their own stupid system, but hey: at least Tesco have done something. I may be wrong, but Asda haven't introduced any system to their own brand products have they? This is shameful.

4. Opening Hours. My local one (Asda West Bridgford, supermarket location fans) is no longer open 24 hours a day. I mean, even if they were making a loss by opening 24 hours, you'd think they'd absorb that loss for the sake of having that perception that they're always there for when their customers need them.

5. The Self-Service checkouts. God they are strict. They moan at me if I put a scanned item anywhere else but the bagging area, like, I don't know, in my own bag or something. And God forbid I should place that bag of mine in the bagging area while I pack it instead. That's against the rules that is, and the machine will scream UNEXPLAINED OBJECT IN BAGGING AREA at you, before setting off a big red flashing light above the till accusing you of being a thief, and then notifying some spotty member of staff to come over and encourage bystanders to point, laugh, and pull down your trousers*.

These, it should be noted, are in addition to my generic gripes about the supermarkets, such as screwing suppliers, using loss-leader and predatory pricing tactics, and destroying competition in the sector.

But of course, I still shop there don't I? So feel free to call me Jimmy Hypocrite.

*may not have actually happened

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bigbreadeaterellis said...

i agree with your comments about asda.
where i live in the London borough of Brent, there is a asda superstore which i tend to do most of my shopping at because it is not too far from where i live.
but like you i find it frustrating because again like you said, they love to tell us about how "cheap" they are, but actually it is the unhealthy so called food that jamie oliver fought so hard to get rid of as so called school dinners.
you know the horrible pizzas and tasteless chicken burgers etc which makes you want to cry when you have spent your hard earned cash on it.
the good food they sell is ridiculously overpriced!
take salmon...they expect people to pay 2 quid for a small tub!
and then they have the nerve to patronize us with adverts telling us they are the cheapest!
this morning i saw a small tub of
sun dried tomatoes priced at £2.48!!!!!!!
don't ever make the mistake of buying their cheap frying pans because you will regret it!
it is virtually impossible to remove the substance they use to stick the asda label on!
i hate with a absolute passion supermarkets because they are all greedy with a capital G.
if you watched that programme last year when they secretly filmed what really goes on in the supermarkets, it would put you off for a long time.
they like to blame everything on the so called credit crunch but don't mention their greed.
we as so called consumers are manipulated so much.
last year christmas i went to asda to do my food shopping and if you saw the amount of people falling over each other just to buy cakes that were being reduced, you would be forgiven for thinking this is a so called third world country!
you see, this is what happens when we are forced to pay alot of money for food from jan to December 24
then all of a sudden they decide to reduce the prices and inevitably people come running because they know it is a one off.
if thats not manipulation i don't know what is?
i know everyone wants to survive, but this whole thing has gone beyond a joke.
i'm actually seriously depressed
i am honestly and i am fed up too.
i mean has always been monotonous
but i think it is getting worse.