Monday, July 16, 2007

my final harry potter book prediction

Can I make a prediction about this new Harry Potter book please? The one that's being built up around the fact that one of the lead characters dies?

Now, I haven't read any of the books, and only have vague recollections of seeing some of one of the films once, but I still want to be the first to make this prediction about which of the little ones is going to cork it. And that prediction is: none of them.

It's the best plot device in the world to base a book around the fact that at some point, one of the lead characters is going to die. Everybody will be super-tense while they're reading to find out who it is.

This JK Rowling woman will be able to have fun with it, playing with reader's emotions by mixing up who's getting into near-death situations. But the surprise factor won't be there when one of them pops their clogs now. Instead, why not surprise everybody and give them the fairy tale happy ending they'd all secretly love?

There you go, that's my prediction. Either that or all of them end up dying from an Anthrax attack or something. That'd be funny.

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Ackworth Born said...

Interesting comment - what bugs me about the whole hype is that they say some people might need counselling if their favourite charachter is killed off -- get real -- it isn't real!

Much like your post about the "faking it" programme which I've rarely seen since they don't interest me, it serves to show how unrealistic much of television is these days.

I got engrossed in the "Ugly Betty" series only to be disgusted by the way it ended in unnecessary tragedy for all. Is this world so vile that even entertainment can't bring itsef to give us a happy ending?

I've almost given up on watching TV!