Friday, December 15, 2006

current fun things

statistics are fun

So a couple of days ago I found out a fun blog fact. Somebody somewhere Goggled ‘Abduls Kebab’ the other day, and becauseI posted a blog once about the fast food chain, he then clicked on to my blog, which I find out is now the 7th result Google gives you when you conduct that search. Which seems a bit mental really.You’ll have to excuse me that such geeky stuff gets me excited.

2007 should be fun

I’ve been going through a flurry of ticket buying for next year lately. It’s shaping up to be pretty damn good, as so far I’m off to see in Manchester: Ricky Gervais, Damien Rice and The Feeling at the Apollo, Razorlight at the Arena (standing tickets too, yippee), Little Man Tate at the Academy, and Stephen Fretwell at the Northern College of Music. All very very exciting. Especially Gervais and Rice, oh yes. I imagine they will be special.

rescue rooms is fun

I’m back working in Nottingham over Christmas, and I’ve put myself down for these shifts at Rescue Rooms next week: Tuesday (19th), Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I’ll definitely get that Saturday shift, probably the Friday one and hopefully the other two as well, so yeah come in and visit me Nottingham people. ‘bout time we caught up. (text me beforehand if you want to be doubly sure, mm?)

essays are defiantly not fun

Seriously, I know we all suffer from last minute essay panic every once in a while, but trust me, you haven’t ever had it as bad as this. Unless I'm freakishly mistaken, I just handed in the worst assignment of my uni career. And trust me, I turned in some real crap in first year. It's almost as if I want to screw up my final year. Which I don't. Gah.

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