Thursday, June 22, 2006

Obligatory `I'm here safe and sound' post

As the title suggests, I've arrived safely - and settled in to - life in Tenerife.

The journey yesterday was a breeze, everything went according to plan. Except the dull and overcast weather on arrival. After having a little trouble finding my hostel (which is nice, if a little unsociable) settled in, then went out for a bit of a wonder.

I'm thankfully a bit out of the way of the main touristy bit here, which is good as there it's quite Las Vegas like in it's level of cheese. There's a fake pyramid, big elaborate fountains, statues... That kind of thing.

Today I did a little old trick that I haven't done for 5 odd years that involved looking in my guidebook for the nearest 5 Star Hotel, and strolling in, laying my towel down on a sunlounger, and abusing their facilities for the afternoon. They have a great pool, I have to say.

Temperature wise it's been about 28/29?c today which has been nice. And pretty uncloudy too thank goodness.

Am going to leave it another couple of days before jobhunting I reckon. Am enjoying winding down too much at the mo.


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